Ever waste your time going round and round in your mind trying to figure something out? I know I have.

Just this week, I reacted to a situation in a way I wish I hadn't. Yup, I did! I tried to control a situation that was not mine to control. This rings true for me with my kids most often.

So what is a woman to do when she messes up? Figure out what I can control. This list is helpful for me and for our kids to ponder.

I needed to take responsibility for overstepping my bounds in this particular situation and ask for forgiveness. When we ask our kids for forgiveness it really helps to strengthen our relationship with them.

As parents, our roles are constantly changing. If we want to raise kids that are independent, problem solvers and critical thinkers, we need to adapt the parenting style which we have become used to using for the last decade and give some space.

I'm thankful for the lessons that can be learned through everyday examples when we are looking at life with a goal to learn and grow.

What things are outside the circle of control for you?