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New pathways!

What makes life coaching different than other professions?

I like to look at life coaching as a means to help clients have self-awareness and then connect that awareness to their heart so real change can happen.

We can all obtain facts. We have millions of facts at our fingertips daily on the internet, however, facts cannot motivate a person to change their thinking, feelings, or perceptions.

There has to be a truth that is connected to something already existent in a person's brain. When we connect a new thought to an existent memory or passion, we can help pave new pathways in the brain, which leads to change.

Coaches are trained to listen for those clues and ask questions so that the client can make the connection on their own. The coach can then continue along the lines of questioning to further embed those connections for the client. Creating new pathways in the brain!

I love what I do and consider myself a detective of the heart. It is so fun to help others connect the dots toward significant changes so they can be their best selves!

What might be holding you back from making changes in your life?

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