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Reflections from a Dance Competition Continued.

Are you willing to take reasonable risks?

It takes courage to take risks. What if it doesn't work? What if I fail? What will they say? How will this work? We all experience questions like this at times, those are the times when we fear failure.

The first time we try to jump, it is scary. We want to protect ourselves from potential pain. All the what ifs come into play. After all, the higher we jump, the further we can fall.

What we need to understand is that every time we step out of our comfort zone to try new things, or reach our dreams we have the opportunity to grow.

Every time we fail at something, we can learn.

Every time we push forward with courage we build our confidence.

When we risk, we learn things about ourselves.

We learn things about others.

We learn just how strong we really are!

We are courageous and courageous feels good!

What leap of faith are you willing to chance today in the pursuit of growth?