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You are a treasure!

Reflections from a dance competition continued:

Dance number 414 please come backstage!

Ladies, I want you to know that you are more than a number! More than a number on a scale, more than a number of a test, more than the number of your GPA, more than a number of your college acceptances, more than a number of awards and accolades.

Yes, that's right! You are more than a number!

Like these safe deposit boxes have the valuable treasure inside, so do YOU.

You are not defined by numbers of any kind.

You are important and loved with an everlasting love that no number can take away from you.

You make a difference in the lives of others with your kindness, laughter, your unique strengths.

You will change the world for someone no matter what you end up doing in life or no matter what your number is at the end of the day.

You are valuable.

You are loved.

You are a treasure.

How can you live into that truth today?

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