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Ever lose your cool?

Ever have a situation where you have lost it over something little and acted out in a way you were ashamed of?

I know I have!!! In my case, I discovered that I really didn't understand what my emotional triggers were and got hooked my a situation or circumstance. I just reacted to them. Sadly, I was lacking Emotional Intelligence.

What is your emotional intelligence (EQ) and why should I care?

Emotional intelligence describes "how well individuals can manage their emotions and react to the emotions of others" (Ravenscraft).

Human resource specialists have found that the most successful employees have high EQ. It is important when it comes to conflict resolution, managing others, reading and responding to the needs of others, and keeping your emotions from disrupting your life.

EQ is not just important at work, but it is important in all of our relationships.

If one looks around today, there is a huge deficit in our culture of those who have EQ. Watch any cable news station of your choice and you will see the lack of EQ in action.

I don't know about you, but I want to have emotional intelligence and I desire for my kids to have it.

How do we get it?

Daniel Goleman breaks EQ into five parts:

1. Self Awareness-having an accurate assessment of what you are capable of, when you need help, and what your emotional triggers are.

2. Self Management-this has to do with controlling your thoughts and emotions in healthy ways. You get to choose the thoughts you peruse.

3. Motivation-what internally drives you

4. Empathy-the ability to understand and share the feelings of another....this requires us to actually listen to others.

5. Social skills-the applying all of the above in order to work together with others on a common goal in life, work, home, or play.

As humans, we sometimes have mental blocks and need others to help us see what is hidden from us.

This is what life coaching does! It explores these areas of one's life to increase self-awareness.

What techniques do you use to increase your self-awareness?

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