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Wait a minute!

What reflections can you take away from a dance competition? As I ponder this weekend's dance competition with my daughter and her friends I learned several things I'd like to share with you. I will write about them for the next few days. One reflection I had this weekend is that there is a lot of waiting! Waiting for your dance partners, waiting in line, waiting for your number to be called backstage, waiting for the right note to do the right move, waiting for the costume changes, waiting for your musical cue. You can imagine all the waiting one would have to do over a weekend. Dance competitions are a lot like life and most of life has to do with waiting. What feelings do you have when you wait? In our fast-paced, microwave, immediate gratification world, waiting for anything seems to make people anxious. Ask anyone the last time they stood in line at the grocery store what feelings they were having and we begin to get a taste of the process of waiting. Waiting is the time in between something; the time until something happens. So what do you do with the time in between? While we wait, we get to choose if we will wait with hope and expectation or wait with fear and uncertainty. We also get to choose how we will interact with those around us as we wait. We can choose to fully experience the moment and the people in our moments. Will we take the time as a cue to build relationships, or will we use the time to choose irritation and impatience? What will you choose today?

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