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Ever wonder who you need to "be" to be happy?

Many of us spend our lives trying to be someone we are not and it causes us to become miserable.

You see, when we try to be something or do something that goes against our values, our brains indicator lights go on and there is what scientists call "cognitive dissonance" causing internal conflict. This occurs when our actions and words don't match up.

We will never find satisfaction here.

Understanding who you really are and how you were created to function is a great first step to happiness. The second step is functioning as your true self.

You see, we all have been wired uniquely with different gifts, abilities, and talents.

Coaches help one explore how you were wired and how to live into your unique calling.

Be brave! Live and function in your true self. You are beautiful the way your were created.

What steps can you take to gain more self awareness?

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