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Mine, all mine!

Mine! All Mine! This is a common phrase with toddlers but when we see it in adults; it ain't pretty! It especially has no place in our marriages, but, sadly, many times, it does exist.

Selfishness defined: "concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself: seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others."

It happened to me this week. I worked my tail off all day, I was exhausted so I decided to sit down and read for 30 minutes. I'm 5 minutes into my book and my husband walks through the door from work (he's had a rough day too, but selfishness doesn't see that). Selfishness keeps on reading, because, hey, I deserve a break today! :( YUP! Guilty as charged!

It's at this moment that I have to make a choice. Do I care more about myself or our relationship?

You see, my book can wait! It can always be picked up tomorrow, but time with my loved ones cannot be retrieved once its lost.

Still not certain if there is selfishness in your marriage?

This quote by Gary Smalley says it all, "Look for the following signs: You've ignored your spouse's feelings and interests and insisted on having your own way. You've made demands, not requests. You've withheld sex or thrown tantrums if your wishes haven't been fulfilled."

What areas of your marriage might you consider cleaning up a bit?

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