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Look no hands!

Have you ever wanted to try something but you were afraid to fail, so you didn't even try?

This quote used be true about me: “The idea of trying and still failing — of leaving yourself without excuses — is the worst fear within the fixed mindset.” — Dr. Carol Dweck

I used to think if I did only what I was good at, or the activities I could master, I would be safe from failure. The truth is this. When we live in our comfort zone, we are not growing and when we fail, we are actually learning.

Many of us live lives of safety, unwilling to take healthy risks because we are afraid of how others will perceive us.

What if we lived lives that took healthy risks with the goal of growing regardless of the outcome?

What if we looked at every opportunity as an opportunity to grow and develop?

What can you try that is hard today?

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