Ripple Effect

This quote speaks in a powerful way to my heart. “Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.” Author Unknown

For me, when I do not spend time in the morning in quiet meditation, all kinds of negative things can happen in my day. Meditation helps us tune into our bodies, our feelings, and has a positive effect on our minds.

Spending quiet time in meditation, gratitude, prayer, and journaling has a ripple effect on all I come in contact with during my day. The flip side is true as well when I do not spend this time, it's easy to be caught up in self-centered, resentful thoughts through my day.

You get to choose how you set your day in motion.

You get to choose the ripple effects you will create in your day; will they be positive ripples full of peace; or the crashing waves of resentment?

What do you choose today?