Secret Sauce

What's the secret sauce to talking with your teen?

It is the question we all seek to answer! We've spent our whole parenting careers talking to our kids the same way and they actually communicated with us. Now, as our kids grow into the teenage years, our communication needs to be adapted.

It's easy to panic when you feel the distance between you and your teen which cause us to react because we feel rejected, shut out, unappreciated, and ineffective. In the Parenting with Intention workshop for parents with teen and tweens, we will be diving into so strategies to open the lines of communication between you and your teen.

The number one secret sauce in this communication is a non-judgmental, non-reactionary, curious listening. Easier said than done. This is where it is important for us as parents to manage our emotions.

How can you apply this secret sauce to your communication with your teen today?