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Subconscious rule

Are you having trouble meeting your objectives?

Could it be your subconscious mind is working against your conscious mind and that is holding you back?

Your subconscious mind makes up anywhere from 85-95% of your brainpower. It manages all the things that we don't think about, like breathing, our heartbeats, our blood pressure, and digesting food to name a few. One thing the subconscious mind does really well is that it remembers. It remembers good and bad things that your conscious mind does not think about. Not only does it remember it all, but it attaches emotions to the memories.

Your conscious mind works with the world around you. Interpreting data that comes in, thinking logically, solving problems and many more things.

Let's apply this information to a situation. Let's say you are a golfer. You are playing your favorite course and you have a mental block when it comes to hitting over the water on a certain hole. You get to the water and you say to yourself, don't hit it in the water. What happens? You hit it in the water. It may be your subconscious mind at work that is the problem.

So what's the solution? One thing that works really well with sports or certain goals that you are trying to obtain is mental visualization. When we visualize ourselves doing the task correct over and over again, it registers in our subconscious.

Another possible solution is your self-talk.

Let's say, you are telling yourself things like, "I'm such a loser, I never make it over the water on this hole"; or "I just can't play this hole well". When we talk with ourselves like that we are headed down the path of self-defeat.

What tricks do you have to limit self-defeating behavior?

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