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"There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who are going through a crisis and those who are going to go through a crisis" Greg Laurie

I loved this quote! It's true that none of us are exempt from an unexpected crisis in our lives. Some of our crisis will have ripple effects on those around us. Our crisis affects others and theirs often affects us.

In a crisis, it's really important to be able to step back and pause. It's really difficult to do when we feel our hearts racing and anxiety starts to kick in. We need to calm ourselves down by taking some deep breaths. Breathing deeply has the power to slow our heart rates and clear our minds so we can shift out of reactionary mode into a higher thinking mode.

Next, be aware of the negative thoughts that are flowing through your mind. Notice them and decide if you are willing to accept them into your thinking process. Many of the thoughts that come into our minds, should not even be entertained.


In times of crisis, it may be wise to get a pair of outside eyes to help you with objectivity. Our brains are wired to go into threat mode when there is uncertainty and sometimes that will drive us to make poor decisions at the moment. Coaching can help to weed through the various options so that your decision is in line with your values.

How do you limit the ripple of effect of the uncertainty in your life?

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