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Adulting goals?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Our culture is running rampant pressing our kids to know, do, plan, work, strive, sports, extracurricular activities, service projects, etc. We specialize instead of allowing creative exploration. For most teens, their lives have become like 60 hour a week jobs.

Not to mention, constant connectivity to social media, automated test results, automated homework/assignment reminders, you name it, it exists.

Kids are facing debilitating anxiety disorders at alarming rates! We wonder why? With so much pressure to have your whole life planned out before the age of 17, we shouldn't be surprised that our kids are suffering.

What are we to do as parents?

Listen to our kids, ask questions, find out what's really on their minds. They may look like everything is fine on the outside, but they are bubbling over with anxiety on the inside. The pressure in our culture right now is extreme.

What ways can you help slow down the cycle in your teen's life?