Follow the Leader

Follow the leader or be the leader? When we think of our kids, we want them to Be the Leader.

"Is every kid supposed to be a leader?" This is a great question posed by Tim Elmore. Tim states, "These two kinds of leaders (“Leaders” and “leaders”) can be defined as HABITUAL leaders and SITUATIONAL leaders. “Habitual leaders” are the natural ones, who tend to be good at leading whatever group they are in. They feel natural taking charge and running point on just about any project. They lead out of habit. “Situational leaders” are those people who make up the majority of the population. Most of them don’t even feel like leaders—until they find the right situation that fits their passions and their strengths. Once they are in the area of their strength, they come alive and become the right one to lead in that particular situation. This is why a central goal for parents and mentors ought to be to help students find their “situation.” This situation is likely where a person will fulfill their purpose and leverage their best influence."

As we raise our kids and help build their brains, we need to ponder how they are wired. As we observe our kids, they have natural strengths-things they enjoy, things they are good at, things that they soar in. Our job as parents is to help our kids soar in their strengths and when we encourage them towards their strengths, they will naturally influence others and won't even have to try.

What are some of your child's strengths? Focusing on the strengths instead of the weakness is one way to encourage them to grow.

How can you encourage your child today?