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Time to grow?

I really liked this quote! "People are like acorns, already containing all the potential to grow into a magnificent oak tree - they just need encouragement and nourishment to grow towards the light." John Whitworth

We each have the potential to grow and change. Latest neuroscience research shows our brains are constantly changing to adapt to the internal and external stimuli around us. As much as our brains are changing, there is so much more potential that is going undernourished.

How do we get the encouragement we need to grow? By having a curious mindset, you can begin to experience growth through all of your circumstances! It all depends upon how you see your circumstances.

One way you could get curious is to work with a coach and discover new things about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, reflect on what you value and who you are.

Why do I need to know who I am you say? I'm pretty content with my life the way it is!

Well, for one thing, when we do not have a firm hold on who we were created to be, we can be easily swayed by other people's opinions, thoughts, and judgments.

We can be so consumed with being who everybody else says we should be, that we become stuck. You see when we live lives that are against our values and the essence of who we were created to be there is a dissonance that creates distress in our brains. Our brains know that there is a mismatch.

Are you willing to create time to explore what values really matter to you?

If so, it will solve many problems for you as you will have your standards already laid out. It makes decisions easier when you have a handle on what makes you tick.

What needs to be cleared from your schedule so you can explore what makes you tick?

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