Listen and Learn

"I must remind myself every morning that nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So If I'm going to learn, I must do so by listening". Larry King

I loved this picture. Several of the reasons are as follows: This deer decided to slow down, rest and listen. It fits with my word for 2019 to "BE".

Often times, we are guilty of running at such high speeds that we miss truly listening to others.

When we truly listen to others, they feel heard, seen and understood. Believe it or not, good listening is one of the most important ingredients in communication.

When we listen, we learn different perspectives, we learn the feelings that underlie the statements, we learn what motivates those we love and we learn what discourages them.

Deep listening, listens to learn, but doesn't jump to conclusions; it asks clarifying questions. It's a discovery process.

When we listen; we learn.

Who do you need to listen to more closely today?