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Colorful Teen Discussions?

Are things exploding with color in your homes?

I'm sure the answer is yes if you are living with teens or tweens!

Conversations that used to happen naturally, like "do you have your lunch?" become major colorful discussions.

Or you try to have a conversation and your teen says to you, "there's no point in talking to you, you don't understand me". It makes your head spin in circles. Don't understand you, uhh, I gave birth to you! I've given up my whole life for you......you know all the thoughts that go on in your mind.

So what's going on behind all the color?

Your teens/tweens brains are undergoing major construction. It's a major time of growth and development for them. They are in the process of figuring out who they are. They have one foot in the comforts that you once provided and the other foot in the independence that they are striving for. This causes a lot of colorful conversations.

This time of growth and development feels threatening to us as parents. It feels like things are out of control and their attitudes make us angry and we naturally want to pull away. I get it! The feelings are colorful and it's hard not to take it personally.

Well, in the Parenting with Intention Workshop for parents with teen and tweens, we are going to address these colorful emotions that we feel as parents, that our teens are experiencing, and we are going to learn how to manage our emotions and train our teens/tweens to manage their emotions as well.

We'll learn the neuroscience behind all this color, come up with strategies to help be useful members in the brain building construction crew.

We'll learn how to connect deeply to our teens as we are navigating this new season of growth and development.

We'll learn how to train our teens to make good decisions, think critically, and develop empathy for others.

If you could use a hand navigating these colorful waters, register for one of the two workshops that will take place on Zoom starting in February. You can register on LivingFullLifeCoaching.com

What steps can you take to connect more deeply with your teen?

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