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Your diet is not just what you eat

What does it look like to be healthy?

I loved this quote: "Your diet is not just what you eat! It's what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang out....be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically". (Author unknown)

What do you want your diet to be this year? Keep in mind there is more to a diet than food and exercise. Yes, self-care is important, but evaluating the other areas of your life that are adding pounds of extra baggage is important too.

This isn't just a good idea, brain imaging studies show our brains have these mirror neurons that are responsible for helping us relate to others empathetically, socially and to imitate others. These mirror neurons are one of the keys to learning. They make what is happening around us contagious. We pick up the attitudes, actions, and behaviors of others we hang with.

I experienced this first hand one day while playing tennis. I play on a travel team of really great women. Our captain is positive, the team is positive, we have fun and enjoy what we are doing. The culture of the team is created by the captain. One of our opposing teams isn't as lucky.

One day we showed up for a match, greeted by the complaining opposing captain. We played our match, against two players that were also complaining, gossiping, and finger-pointing. We get off the court and they talk with the captain, who continue the toxic behavior. One by one, our positive players came off the court sullen and not one person had fun playing their match. It was quite unbelievable.

These are the contagious mirror neurons taking effect.

Now apply this to your diet.

If you want to decrease your drinking, don't hang out in a bar or with friends who need to drink all day long. Make wise choices.

If you want to have a positive, intentional thought life, it's not a great idea to hang out with those who gossip, complain, backbite, and constantly find fault. Bad company corrupts good character.

If you want to eat properly and get fit, a good plan is to hang with others who have the same goals.

If your desire is to grow, spiritually, emotionally and physically, it's wise to align yourself with others on the same path.

What areas of your life need an adjustment this year?

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