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How is Coaching Different?

How is coaching different than other professions that aim at personal and professional growth?

This is a great question that many people ask. They wonder, what will you teach me? How will you guide me? What dark secrets will I need to uncover to move forward?

The answer is None of the above. Yes, you will learn things and grow from coaching, but not in the ways you would think. Coaching is not a lecture or a classroom type experience. Coaching approaches life's questions through an exploration of the heart.

The coach asks powerful questions to help you think outside the box of your normal thinking pattern. The coach helps find creative ways of solving problems, discover passions that go unseen, discern mindsets (truths and lies) that hold us back from being the best we can be, and to decide how we want to impact this world in our homes, work and relationships.

As we have discussed before, our brains solve problems the same way all the time. It is more efficient that way. Take for example brushing your teeth. When we brush our teeth, we no longer need to think through every detail, our brains have worked out a pathway so that we can do it without much thought. It is the same with many of the daily problems we face. Our brains are efficient machines that will take the easiest route possible to conserve energy.

Our brains are an important part of the change process, however, coaching gets to the heart of the matter, searching the heart, like a detective, for what drives the passion; for the connection that will help create the new pathway in the brain. In order to make lasting change, new connections and pathways need to be made between. Providing information alone will not motivate change. there needs to be a heart connection.

Coaching creates space and freedom to explore and see things from new perspectives. Coaching searches the depths of the client's heart to discover how they can move forward and reach their goals in relationships, work, and home.

I'd love to help you identify what makes you tick, deepen your relationships and discover your passion. I'm a Certified Professional Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ACC). If you are interested in making 2019 your best year ever, message me for your complimentary inquiry call to find out if coaching is right for you.

How can 2019 be your best year ever???

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