Waiting for a Pow Wow?

Let's sit down for a Pow Wow about waiting.

Truth be told: I've done a lot of waiting for the last two days. Waiting for my Dad's surgery to be completed, waiting for the WIFI at the hospital to boot up so I could get back into my meeting, waiting for the bed so my Dad can recover, and waiting to see the results of the surgery, which may take time! That's a lot of waiting for one day!

Then last night, I had my daughter's Christmas dance recital (which was beautiful dancers). For those of you who don't know, she is a senior in high school, and we are WAITING for college acceptance letters. Every parent I spoke with last night was waiting, some with fear, some with anxiety, some with anticipation, some with dread. So many emotions when we wait.

To wait defined: to remain inactive or in a state of rest, as until something expected happens.

Hmm, makes me wonder, what would it take for us to rest and trust that our kids will end up right where they belong? To Wait without the anxiety, without the excuses, without the need to control, without the need to broadcast every acceptance letter on social media, but just humbly wait?

The truth is: our kids will go to college (somewhere) just like they got to kindergarten without diapers (it just miraculously happens). Our job is to help them see the truth that when we get our careers established, nobody (but alumni) really cares where you went to college. We have placed far to much value on numbers and not the person.

Some will get into the college of their dream and some won't.

Yes, they will be rejected! There I said it! It will happen. Next week (after the holiday) we will talk about what happens when we face rejection.

For now, let's wait, keeping in mind, that each of our kids was uniquely created for a specific purpose and with a purpose. They have value that far outweighs any acceptance letters, grades, or extracurricular activities. They are more than a number, a letter, or a school.

There are no two alike! Let's stop comparing them to each other.

They will go to college!

What will it take for you to wait with humility, patience, and grace?