Tunnel of Uncertainty

What uncertainty are you facing today?

Today I sit waiting, with Mom, as my Dad goes through surgery we face uncertainty. Although this is our uncertainty, everyone has their own to deal with.

I find myself wanting to rush in and take away the wait, discomfort, or problems people face. This just amounts to my desire to control the uncertainty and play God. But guess what: I'm not God and neither are you. We cannot dictate and control the uncertainty, nor the lessons to be learned through this.

Each person must go through the tunnel of uncertainty personally; we can not do it for them. We cannot get out of the tunnel early. We need to go all the way through the darkness of the tunnel before we can reach the peaceful light at the end of the tunnel.

Whether it is the tunnel of uncertainty, the tunnel of emotion, the tunnel of a trial, we need to go ALL THE WAY through it. Don't try to escape the tunnel, if you do, you miss the blessing of growth.

This includes our kids, sometimes we desire to take away their pain, when in fact going through the tunnel (with support, empathy, & encouragement) is the very thing that builds resilience and allows them to grow.

What if, when going through the tunnel, we turned our gaze to the one who came to earth to travel through every aspect of life with us?

His name is Immanuel, God with us. God promises to be with us as we travel through the darkness. He will be with us, He will never leave us and He has our best interest in mind. Our job is to trust Him with the outcomes.

What uncertainty can you place in His hands today?