Just Stop!

How are you speaking to your self today?

Are you being a mean girl to yourself? If so, Stop it!

You don't deserve to treat yourself like that. Be kind to yourself. Remember, life isn’t perfect, and God never calls you to be perfect either. Speak to yourself with love and grace.

The words and thoughts we repeat to ourselves become our default mindsets. When we fill our minds with statements like, "you're so stupid; why did you do that?" We begin to live into that persona and start believing it as truth, when in fact, its a lie. You are not stupid because things did not turn out as planned. You are learning and growing.

See your mistakes as growth opportunities and recognize they are just First attempts at Learning (FAIL).

What if we modeled for our families a heart that loves to learn, longs to forgive, and desires to listen and understand?

What steps can you take towards kindness to yourself?