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The Control Tower of Life

Are you sitting high in the control tower of your life micromanaging every plane that wants to land on your runway?

If so, consider that there may be planes in your airspace that don't belong there. Not every plane that flies over your control tower need to land on your runway. That's right. Not every problem is ours to solve. Not every situation is ours to control and make right. What makes us think our solutions the right solutions anyway?

Why do we try to enter the control tower and accept any plane that wants to land on our runway? If we are honest, we will be able to say, its pride that I know how to best land that plane. But in reality, is that true? Absolutely not!

Another reason we may try to take control of others planes is that we are fearful. Fearful that things won't turn out the way we think they should. Fearful someone will miss a great opportunity. Fearful that something bad will happen if I don't take hold of the landing gear.

The truth is, when fear is our motivator, we are not thinking clearly. We've got tunnel vision and cannot make good decisions. The second thing is; we may have fear that we have no business having. It's not our plane to fly.

It's our job to manage our own airspace; nothing more; nothing less. We were each given our own planes to fly and manage; its our job to faithfully fly the best we can. Sometimes the landing is rough, or the ride is bumpy, but ultimately the fact that WE GET TO FLY is an amazing thing. Its our job to focus on how WE fly; no one else.

Surrender your landing and control to the air traffic controller and worry about landing your own plane and letting others land theirs!

So what planes are you landing on your runway that need to be diverted?

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