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Bursting bubbles

Is your bubble about to burst? At times, life can be pretty frustrating. You work hard towards a goal, you prepare, you plan, you are ready and suddenly; your bubble bursts! It's easy to think we can control the bubbles that we juggle in our hands until it happens, it bursts......then we are not in control anymore. We have an illusion that we are controlling our bubbles, but what we don't realize is that all it takes is the wind to dislodge our bubble and before we know it; its gone! The bubbles look different for each one of us; they are the little pockets of life we try to control and manage. We've all experienced it! So what happens when your bubble bursts; how do you deal with it? Do you kick, scream, cry and complain; feeling sorry for yourself? Or maybe you look for someone to blame playing the victim? Or maybe the wind dislodged your bubble and burst it once before, so you say; "next time I'm gonna hold on tighter so it doesn't get away from me". Unknowingly, by increasing your control as you try to manage your bubble you burst it yourself with your tight grip. What if a burst bubble is just that? A burst bubble! Nothing more and nothing less! No condemnation, judgment or failure attached to the burst bubble. Not the end of the world, but another possibility waiting to be achieved. A possibility waiting around the next corner! A protection from something that was no good for you. An opportunity to grow and learn more. We get to make the choice. We get to ask ourselves: what can I control in this situation? The only correct answer is: YOUR RESPONSE. YOU GET TO CHOOSE HOW YOU WILL RESPOND to your burst bubble. How will you choose to respond to your burst bubbles today?

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