Brain Builders

When I see this picture of this little girl, I see an independent spirit. As parents, our job is to raise kids who are prepared to fly from the nest. (Maybe not as young as the little one in this photo) Our roles is to help our kids learn how to make decisions on their own, manage their big emotions, and connect to others empathetically. You see, our kids brains are not fully developed and we need to part of the brain building crew. We help our kids understand empathy by demonstrating empathy towards them, toward others, and having discussions with our young kids when we see others hurting. For example, when you see a kid who looks sad playing by himself, simply asking your child questions about it in a curious way helps to bring awareness and foster empathy. "I see Joe playing by himself over there. He looks sad to me. What do you think?" Our kids need help managing and connecting emotions. This is a higher brain activity which is not full developed in them yet. We are brain builders. What intentional steps could you take to raise our kids toward independence?