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Make your Mark

How do we make our mark in the world and stand out?

With so many things vying for our attention, how can we make the right choices?

Every day we are faced with choices. Choices that lead to success or failure.

In our family we've adopted the 8 pillars of success or excellence (in quotations)that we revisit when things don't go as planned. We may not talk about all of them at once, but they have been a way for our family to measure our growth and success.

1. If we want to make our mark in the world we need to have a "Desire for Excellence". When we desire excellence, we show the world that we are different. We are not trying to cut corners and merely do the minimum required; we want to BE the best we can BE.

2. "Have a purpose" It helps us to ask, what is my Why? Why am I doing what I am doing? We were created with unique talents, gifts and abilities; how can we use them as we develop our plans?

3. The next step is to "Developing a plan to achieve excellence". You must have a plan for where you are going otherwise you will go no where fast. If you don't put your destination in the GPS you won't get to your destination.

4. In order to work with joy and freedom you must have "Passion" or conviction about what you are doing or believing. Enough said there!

5. Without "Sense of Urgency" you procrastinate and when you procrastinate you generally do not produce excellence. Especially if you are short of time because then you cannot "pay meticulous attention to detail". When we live without a sense of urgency, usually we live mundane lives, because we say things like, "I'll get to it when_________(you fill in the blank).

6. Paying "meticulous attention to detail" demonstrates that you are willing to go the extra mile. It shows others that you care about the outcome and the people attached to the goal. When we pay meticulous attention to detail we deliver value to others.

7. "Optimism" or a growth mindset. Optimism sees obstacles as opportunities to grow, learn and develop.

8. Working hard, making sacrifices, growing and learning require "perseverance". When you demonstrate that you have grit and don't give up when things get hard, persevering during trials, you have made a mark on the world. Perseverance produces character.

We've added our friend, Rick Nelson's quote, "get comfortable being uncomfortable" because this is how we grow and develop.

Which pillar of success/excellence do you struggle most with?

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