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Under the Surface

If you could look beneath the surface yours or your spouse's big emotions, what might you find?

Each one of us has stuff going on under the surface, things that others cannot see. We often come into our relationships with expectations.

Expectations defined: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

Now, expectations are not wrong in and of themselves.

However, it IS wrong to expect your spouse to live up to your expectations if you have not communicated those expectations to them.

Our spouses are not mind readers and we often think to ourselves...."they should know.....(you fill in the blank)".

This leads to conflict.

The one with the expectation often reacts causing a spiral of negative emotions that follow.

What things are you taking for granted that you have not discussed with your spouse?

What ways could you be drowning in a sea of unnecessary emotional conflicts?

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