What's bugging You?

What's bugging you?

So, it happened for me this week.

Totally bugged! Pings and notifications; yup, that's right, I said it! I went from a feeling of community and connection (which felt great) to a feeling of overwhelmed. By what you ask? Social media.

Every time I tried to sit down and work, there it was; disrupting my thoughts; tugging at my heart; causing my brain to feel like I was missing out on something. My to-do-list still remained and it bugged me! YUP!

The annoying pings keep us from responding intentionally to life; they keep us reactionary.

That's right: defensive mode instead of offensive.

They keep us in a place where the outside world is controlling our mind, instead of us making conscious, intentional choices.

It's a problem!

But not only for adults, but for our teens. If we feel the tug; imagine how our teens, (whose brains are not fully developed) are reacting (studies show that social media is highly addictive for our teens because of their underdeveloped brains).

People, the chemicals in our brains are being affected and we are allowing it to happen.

So what are we to do?

Well, I took the first step for me today. I silenced all notifications! Yup, I said it. So don't panic! I'm still alive! Instead, I'm scheduling my time online. I'm putting my phone out of sight and retraining my mind to think.

What steps can you take with your kids to promote healthy social media use?