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Waiting for Change?

Are you waiting for someone else to change?

If so, How long have you been waiting? (my imagination is running wild with the scenarios and the time wasted)

Yikes, waiting is hard! And its even harder when others don't do their part!

What if, instead of waiting for others to change, we took the first step?

My friend and colleague, Cheryl Scanlan, says, 'when one person in a relationship changes the relationship changes'.

My question to you is: What reaction or response can you change?

How can you change your focus to see the good in the person, instead of the battle that is raging within?

You have a choice and you have control of your choices. We may not control our circumstances, but we can control our choices.

You can take the first step and stop the waiting game.

Choose love and grace.

What will your first step be today?

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