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Infect them With Kindness

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a coolness? Not necessarily in temperature, but a coolness resonating from those within the room? You know, the feeling of, "what happened in here before I came in"? Or how about when you see someone yawn, and then two seconds later, you are yawning? We've all experienced it at times. Our brains are hard wired to copy the emotions, negativity, anxiety, joy, or just about any feeling we come into contact with. This happens through a little wireless network in our brains called "mirror neurons". These mirror neurons help us to empathize and understand what others are feeling. They fire the second you see an emotions expressed on someone's face. It’s your mirror neurons that give you the capacity to experience the joys and sorrows of others and to connect with them on an emotional level. These mirror neurons make our emotions are contagious! That means we can pick up others emotions and they can catch ours as well. All of this happens subconsciously in the brain! If this is happening subconsciously, what if we were more intentional about our kindness? More intentional about the positive emotions that we spread? What if when we walked into a room with those thick emotions, we became aware of what was going on and we helped to change someone else's mirror neurons by our response? What if instead of getting defensive, we took the posture of change? What if our kind words and warm smiles were like gentle drops of dew, refreshing those around us? 'Infect' them with kindness and watch the change. What ways can you intentionally 'infect' others with kindness?

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