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Forgive them, Even if They Do No Forgive You

Forgiveness defined: to cease to feel resentment against (an offender)

"When you and I say or do something we come to regret, we tend to approach rectifying the situation with the understanding that it was just one mistake. And even if that lapse in judgment falls among a series of missteps that could indicate a genuine flaw in our character, it rarely changes the way we see ourselves on a fundamental level.

In short, we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt and don’t define ourselves by our worst moments. We might even take the same approach with our friends and family.

But think back to the last time a stranger cut you off in traffic, or you overheard a difficult co-worker gossiping about you behind your back. What were your first thoughts about the other person? Did you think he must have just been having a bad day or that she simply got caught up in the moment? Perhaps, but I think for most of us such errors either create or confirm a primarily negative view of the other person.

We assume the worst in others but the best in ourselves."

Ryan Denison

What if we chose to forgive others even if they are not sorry?

How would that impact your outlook on life?

How would that impact your emotional well being?

How might that change the world and make it a little better?

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