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Be Uniquely You and Incomparable

This quote spoke to my heart today: "Comparison is the death of joy, the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday". Rachael Hollis

Do you ever search through Facebook and compare yourself to someone else's achievements?

Or look down on others because of what you have going for you?

Or maybe its always this lingering discontent with your life?

Comparison; the evaluation in your mind that one thing is better than something else.

They are the thoughts in your mind that say: in order to be happy, I need (you fill in the blank).

When do these thoughts come for you? Notice them. Ask yourself what else is happening at the moment they come (am I hungry, angry, lonely, tired, overwhelmed?).

Once we notice what going on inside, we need to understand what the symptoms look like for us physically. Some of us get anxiety, or unrest, or tight shoulders; heck, its different for every person. Figure out what your symptoms are and notice them. These are your warning signs that you are falling into the trap of comparison.

Then its time to be honest with yourself.

What's really driving this comparison which is killing your joy?

Do I really need to be like (you fill in the blank)?

What if who I was made to be was good enough?

What if I focused on being the best version of myself?

After all, there are no two human beings who are totally alike in all ways and that's okay. Celebrate who you were created to BE.

What if I chose to be thankful for all that I am?

What if I choose to be thankful for who I will becoming as I learn, grow, and love more?

What if I choose, to acknowledge the things about me that make me unique and give thanks for them?

Like each one of these stairs in the picture are unique; so are you. Make each step you take uniquely you.

Worrying about what others are doing is distracting you from putting one foot in front of the other as you climb to reach your destination with joy and celebration.

Where are your thoughts leading you?

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