Your Brain and Memories

You may be wondering why I posted this picture. Well, I'm going to tell you. This picture brought back memories for me.

Memories of a time where safety was not a huge concern and thankfully, we are all alive to tell the stories.

Immediately, when I saw this photo it stirred up emotions from the past, emotions of joy and excitement that were stored in my brain because I was just like these girls. I actually rode on top of my neighbors station wagon, hanging on to the roof bars for dear life, hair flapping in the wind and having a blast! (Don't tell my Mom, oh, and if you are getting all judger right now; please read yesterday's post)

I'm not writing a true confessions post here, but what I want to bring attention to is the emotions that came flooding back into my mind. The joy.

Our brain is really good at keeping all of those special memories stored and cataloged.

Today, I get to store another memory of joy in my brain! One of my clients wrote a testimonial about attending my recent Parenting with Intention workshop; and it brought me joy! Here's what they said: "this workshop has given me a new perspective on parenting. Doreen has helped me understand why my son reacts the way he does and how to change my responses. I particularly enjoyed not only the behavioral aspect of the class, but also the impact and reaction of the brain."

Thankful for my client's words that brought me joy and reminded me why I love my career so much.

What positive memories would you like to share today?