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What you will get:

  • 6 months of course material and video training to prepare you for group time      VALUED:  $4997
    in a private coaching portal with lifetime access 

  • 6 months of group coaching via zoom (2) 1.5 hours sessions per month              VALUED:  $2997

  • 6 months of a safe, authentic Christian community to grow and learn in              VALUED:   $ 997

  • BONUS TEACHING: Unhackable Lite, Communication 101, Showing up,           VALUED:   $2191
    Calm in the Chaos, & Teens and Tech the antidote                                 

                                                                                                            TOTAL VALUE: $11,182.00

                                                                                                    TODAY:  $2997         

How Do I Become an Unhackable Mom?

Countdown to Launch: Steps to Blastoff

Using the 5D Launchpad Method & Unhackability Tools



Where to begin 

  • Increase your young adult's cooperation

  • Gain respect, even when emotions are high

  • Decrease the divide & drama

  • Forgo the eye rolls & door slams

  • Discover what has unauthorized access to your thoughts & emotions

  • Explore your unique parenting reactions & move towards fearless parenting

  • Define your dream family dynamic



Where to Go

  • Decrease the tug of war between frustration & control

  • Accelerate growth & independence in your young adult

  • Identify shifts of responsibility that lead to success

  • Implement the secret sauce to developing your dream relationship with your young adult

  • Build the framework for maturity in your young adult

  • Increase your presence in a focused, undistracted & engaged way using Unhackable Tools (UT)



How to get there

  • Build resilience in your young adult

  • Develop intrinsic motivation in your young adult

  • Build young adults who take ownership of their decisions & actions

  • Replace automatic actions with your superpower using several Unhackability tools

  • Understand the role of thoughts & emotions that impact your parenting plan

  • Develop a family technology plan without punishment or micromanaging 



On the Journey


  • Break up with your tech addiction & start using tech for your benefit

  • Enjoy young adults who are free from anxiety & depression

  • Enjoy quality relationships

  • Delight in living a meaningful life of purpose using your unique strengths

  • Delight in confident young adults

  • Parent fearlessly from a place of higher influence

  • Delight in young adults who can recognize bad reasoning from good



People of positive influence

         Launch young adults who:

  • resist peer pressure

  • who stand up for their beliefs in respectful ways

  • think critically

  • manage their emotions & thoughts

  • create & implement ideas

  • cooperate with others

  • navigate conflict resolution effectively

  • lead themselves & others

  • Explore optimal human performance with Unhackability tools

  • Reach family goals together



Enjoy the fruit of your labor

​Explore what is next for you Mom

In the advanced course for empty nesters

Lee Hui, Colorado

I am better able to step back and notice where thoughts and emotions are coming from.  I am better able to accept that I’m not superwoman and this isn’t all on me.  I love the emotion wheel that was introduced and use it often to better understand where any fear or anger is coming from.  I am able to get calmer easier and talk less, waiting to see what happens. 

My younger son wants to go on late night walks with me sometimes so we can talk!

I have let go of control.  When control creeps back up, I am better able to step back and realize that is what I’m trying to do or holding on to.

I can react less based on my emotions…I can better recognize when my brain is getting hacked.

Jennifer, NC

Doreen's course  really helped me. The focus on calming me down before my child down, which has provided a more peaceful home. For now, when there may have been an escalation, I have learned to calm down, connect with my child so she can calm down and then we can have a discussion. After applying the new things I learned, I have figured out ways to defuse situations before they ignite - which avoids unproductive arguing and I'm focused on the message I want to teach her. This class was amazing as I lived in the downstairs brain and now I'm living in the upstairs brains and helping my daughter move to the upstairs brain with me. My daughter and I have had more connecting time now that I have benn applying these principles and the change in her and me are remarkable - and I think my husband has noticed a more harmonious home! Thank you Doreen! Take my word for it - you and your child notice a difference almost instanteously once you start applying the information you learn! Sign up NOW!

Andrea S. NJ

When I first came to the group, I was feeling frustrated, mad, and impatient. Fed up with my son. I thought something was very wrong with him and didn’t know why, after all our “great” parenting! (ha)

Now, I am much calmer externally and internally.  More patient and understanding. Less worried. I am doing less talking and more listening. 


My teen has become a lot less argumentative.  We are more at peace, but at the age with not much togetherness!   He has become more independent in the process.

Elizabeth R, NJ

Parents need to Stop, Listen and Learn!
My husband and I signed up for Doreen's "parent teen workshop" and we were happy we did. Doreen gives practical teachings that are so needed in todays complex society. She encouraged us to work on controlling our own emotions during conflict before attempting to address our children's. It seems fundamental but so many times the discussions with our children escalate to screaming and emotional outbursts. We learned techniques to bring down the escalated emotions and instead begin productive communication where we can all learn and think constructively. More importantly, we learned great techniques on how to have healthy communication with our kids! sign will not be disappointed.

Andrea, NJ

Doreen’s 6 month class “Countdown to Launch” was a life changing course.  My teens are 18 and 15 and the result of Doreen’s coaching is our now more harmonious home!  My only regret is that I didn’t take the course years ago.  Doreen warmly delivers invaluable information with short videos and detailed notes.  I loved the online meetings and experienced so much growth and uplifting affirmation during each one.  This is an excellent class for anyone wanting to build stronger relationships with others and also prepare their children to be responsible young adults.  Thank you Doreen!  -Andrea S.