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Peaceful Presence in the home

Things have changed with this latest situation!!!  No one needs to tell you that, Mama!  You have become a homeschooler, amidst your already busy life!

Uncertainty and lack of control are bringing to surface all the things in our lives that were already strained!

You have been forced into a standstill and you have two choices:  See this as an opportunity to thrive in your home or stand by and watch things crumble.

The only thing you can control right now is how you relate to & empower those around you!


You can control how you think about your circumstances & how your family comes through them with strength & grit!


All those changes you wanted to make, but didn't know where to start? 


You now have a plan! 

Right here!


What They Say:

Ineffective communication with our teens was impacting my relationship with my teen.


"My husband and I didn't realize how much our ineffective communication with our teens was impacting our relationship with them. Many times, we reacted abruptly from our own emotions. It was eye-opening to learn that we could handle situations in a completely different way. We learned tools that provided us with the ability to pause before reacting and to look at situations from both sides." Elizabeth P.

My husband has noticed a more harmonious home! 


"My daughter and I have had more connecting time now that I have been applying these principles and the change in her and me are remarkable - and I think my husband has noticed a more harmonious home! Thank you, Doreen! Take my word for it - you and your child notice a difference almost instantaneously once you start applying the information you learn! Sign up NOW! Jennifer, N.

Problems get bigger, it's harder and harder to stay calm!


"I loved it!  Creative, clever, and useful! I loved the metaphors and how you tied them together! As the kids and problems get bigger, it's harder and harder to stay calm! I've been wanting my kids to learn how to solve problems, but that has gotten difficult since he became a teenager.  I loved learning about getting buy-in".  Andrea S.

Meet Doreen

Doreen Steenland, ICF Certified Christian Life Coach