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Countdown to Launch:
Secrets to preparing the next generation to courageously step into adulthood!
A Virtual Empowerment Group to Become an Unhackable Mom
with a Coach Approach
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What is an Emotionally Competent World~Changer?

An emotionally competent world changer is a person who is comfortable in their own skin.

  • IMPACT: They have amazing social skills that will impact, influence, and lead others in this world as they go for their goals.  One can only change the world if they can reach them & they are present for them! 

  • INFLUENCE:  These teens know what they believe, and they understand how to communicate it with respect as they stand in the values. 

  • INSIGHT: Unhackable Moms empower unhackable teens to block unauthorized access to their thoughts and emotions! These are the kinds of teens I help Christian Moms Launch!

A Virtual Empowerment Group
for Christian Moms of Young Adults

Countdown to Launch:
Secrets to Prepare Your Young Adults to Courageously Step into Adulthood!

NEW GROUP OPENS:  January 27th, 2021
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End the tug of war between frustration & control

  • While keeping on top of your young adult might seem like a great idea,

      it's really counter-productive!

  • The more you over-parent your young adult, the more the tug of war will increase.

  • By learning to shift the responsibility from you to them 
    you will provide breathing room that creates space for

     decision making and ownership that leads to independence.

  • A common mistake most parents make is thinking if they give their young adults freedom, they will go wild, when in fact, with the proper guidance they will take ownership of their actions and become independent.

"Where my attention goes, my legacy flows." Kary Oberbrunner
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The 5D Launchpad Method

The 5D Launchpad Method Is a Unique Method to Discover, Discern, Decide, Delight, and Dispatch Emotionally Competent World~Changers who love well! 

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Peace in the Pandemic

Things have changed with this latest crisis!!!  No one needs to tell you that, Mama!  You have become a homeschooler, amidst your already busy life!

Uncertainty and lack of control are bringing to surface all the things in our lives that were already strained!

You have been forced into a standstill and you have two choices:  See this as an opportunity to thrive in your home or stand by and watch things crumble.

The only thing you can control right now is how you relate to & empower those around you!


All those changes you wanted to make, but didn't know where to start?  You now have a plan!


You can control how you think about your circumstances & how your family comes through them with strength & grit!

Your Teen is changing!  What used to work with your parenting isn't cutting it anymore!

Feeling disrespected daily is not fun for anybody!

At times, the drama seems to be draining the life out of your relationship!

In the Countdown to Launch Empowerment Group of Christian Moms,

you'll learn to cut through the drama & elevate the peace in your home!

You CAN become the parent who loves well & maintains high standards for your teen! 

You can build social and emotional learning into your teen's life helping them become an asset in the community.

Confidently empowering your teen to push through the unknown with grace and grit!

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Mama, I get it!  Parenting Teens is Hard Work & Very Messy!


Our teens are being pulled into the world and it feels like we are losing control!


In order to reach them, we need to change the way we communicate with them!  We need to change the way we empower them!

Being the parent who loves well, is not about being perfect, but being present! 

Being the parent who loves well, is not doing everything for your teen, but empowering them to use their own mind and strength!

Your teen is all about virtual "influencers!

How would it feel to be your teen's MAIN influencer?


How would it feel to know what's going on in your teen's brain?


How would it feel to have a deep, meaningful relationship with your teen?


 Peace, Respect & Connection?  It is possible!


YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your desires!

  • The Countdown to Launch empowerment group will encourage and equip you with tools to establish more peace in your parenting. 


  • Your teen needs you to love them well, so they can grow into an independent adult. 


  • You will learn how to connect and relate to your teen's challenges, becoming their coach and Main Influencer!

You Can Have a Great Relationship with Your Teen

& Maintain High Standards for them!

Having a conflict with your teen is tough! It's easy to get frustrated & lose your cool!

It starts the endless cycle of anger, reactions, and guilt. It is exhausting! We don't have a lot of time to reach them!

Can I ease your mind a bit?

As frustrating as it is, this is normal until you discover the best way to connect with your teen! You are not alone! I've worked with many parents who are super excited to see the results.

You are not a bad parent!  You have everything you need to reach your teen and be the parent who loved well just by 

just learning to apply the 

5D Launchpad techniques in the program.

Eliminate the Guesswork!

Love everyday
interactions with 
your young adult!
Have Confidence about your teen's development!
Know what your young adult needs from you!

Find Your voice & passion!

Give up people
pleasing & enabling behaviors!
Set healthy 
boundaries & stop running yourself
Walk confidently
in your unique


I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.


Lee Hui, Colorado

I am better able to step back and notice where thoughts and emotions are coming from.  I am better able to accept that I’m not superwoman and this isn’t all on me.  I love the emotion wheel that was introduced and use it often to better understand where any fear or anger is coming from.  I am able to get calmer easier and talk less, waiting to see what happens. 

My younger son wants to go on late night walks with me sometimes so we can talk!

I have let go of control.  When control creeps back up, I am better able to step back and realize that is what I’m trying to do or holding on to.

I can react less based on my emotions…I can better recognize when my brain is getting hacked.

Jennifer, NC

Doreen's course  really helped me. The focus on calming me down before my child down, which has provided a more peaceful home. For now, when there may have been an escalation, I have learned to calm down, connect with my child so she can calm down and then we can have a discussion. After applying the new things I learned, I have figured out ways to defuse situations before they ignite - which avoids unproductive arguing and I'm focused on the message I want to teach her. This class was amazing as I lived in the downstairs brain and now I'm living in the upstairs brains and helping my daughter move to the upstairs brain with me. My daughter and I have had more connecting time now that I have benn applying these principles and the change in her and me are remarkable - and I think my husband has noticed a more harmonious home! Thank you Doreen! Take my word for it - you and your child notice a difference almost instanteously once you start applying the information you learn! Sign up NOW!

Andrea S. NJ

When I first came to the group, I was feeling frustrated, mad, and impatient. Fed up with my son. I thought something was very wrong with him and didn’t know why, after all our “great” parenting! (ha)

Now, I am much calmer externally and internally.  More patient and understanding. Less worried. I am doing less talking and more listening. 


My teen has become a lot less argumentative.  We are more at peace, but at the age with not much togetherness!   He has become more independent in the process.

Elizabeth R, NJ

Parents need to Stop, Listen and Learn!
My husband and I signed up for Doreen's "parent teen workshop" and we were happy we did. Doreen gives practical teachings that are so needed in todays complex society. She encouraged us to work on controlling our own emotions during conflict before attempting to address our children's. It seems fundamental but so many times the discussions with our children escalate to screaming and emotional outbursts. We learned techniques to bring down the escalated emotions and instead begin productive communication where we can all learn and think constructively. More importantly, we learned great techniques on how to have healthy communication with our kids! sign up...you will not be disappointed.

Andrea, NJ

Doreen’s 6 month class “Countdown to Launch” was a life changing course.  My teens are 18 and 15 and the result of Doreen’s coaching is our now more harmonious home!  My only regret is that I didn’t take the course years ago.  Doreen warmly delivers invaluable information with short videos and detailed notes.  I loved the online meetings and experienced so much growth and uplifting affirmation during each one.  This is an excellent class for anyone wanting to build stronger relationships with others and also prepare their children to be responsible young adults.  Thank you Doreen!  -Andrea S.

Meet Doreen

Doreen Steenland, ICF Certified & Unhackable Certified Life Coach

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The Passion

I am passionate about helping you connect deeply with your teen. Hey, I know, parenting teens and tweens can be a challenge!  I have gotten three off to college and live to tell the story!  LOL.  

Truly, although things can get challenging at times, I've learned that the better I manage my emotions, the easier the teen years are to navigate.

Was it always easy?  NO WAY! Do I still mess up! ALL THE TIME! Parenting teens is messy!

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The Experience

Now that all are off to college, they still connect with me when there are struggles, not looking for me to save the day, but to ask them questions and empower them to solve the problems they are facing. 


As a ICF Certified Professional Life Coach, I will equip you with the tools to empower your teen to manage their own emotions, solve problems and become more empathetic to those around them.  


The Platform

We all want to change, but change doesn't just happen with acquiring information.  It comes when you have been able to successfully apply what you have discovered in your personal life and parenting.  Coaching helps with this!  In this virtual, group coaching model, you will learn from others, you will learn new material on your own, and in group time, you will make connections in your brain to make what you have learned stick! Come join the community of empowering parents!

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What's Included in the

Countdown to Launch Empowerment Group ?

  • 6 months of training via videos sent to your inbox, on a private client portal, and Zoom calls

  • Bi-Weekly training session with modules

  • 2 (60 min) Zoom group coaching calls per month/Q & A's

  • Group of like-minded Moms on the same learning journey

  • Access to me for questions via email 

  • Training on Preparing Teens to power through life with grace and grit. 

  • Discounted Rates on personal coaching

Oh, Wait! I have Questions!

Do I need to be present for the LIVE events?

No, it is not mandatory, but you will get the most from the LIVE calls if you show up for the LIVES.  You can ask questions and get immediate answers.

What if life gets busy and I can't show up with everyone else?

You get to work and grow at your own pace.  The purpose of starting this group is for busy people just like you!