You Can Connect With
Your Child & Calm The Chaos!
An Online Course for Parents of Pre-Teens called
Capturing Their Hearts
Taking Care of the Kids

Relentless drama & meltdowns over the seemingly meaningless are NORMAL! 


But it's not fun for anyone!

It's exhausting & embarrassing with everything feeling like a battle!

So we all act out in

frustration & anger.

Restore Peace in your home & break the generational patterns of behavior!


Mama, I get it!  Parenting is Hard Work & Very Messy!


Our kids are being pulled into the world and it feels like we are losing control!


In order to reach them, we need to change the way we communicate with them!

You can feel your blood boiling sometimes!

Or how about that scream you are dying to let out because your kids just won't listen to you!

This cycle of drama leads to shame & confusion!

You say: "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!"

Mama, you are not alone!


YOU CAN Connect with Your Child Peacefully!

  • Capturing Their Hearts workshop will encourage and equip you with tools to establish more peace in your parenting. 


  • Your kids need you to love them well, so they can have secure attachment & grow into an independent adult. 


  • You will learn how to connect and relate to your kid's challenges in a way that bonds you together!

You Can Have Confidence That You Are Loving Well!

Having constant drama is exhausting!  It's so easy to lose your cool when you are so tired! You ask the question, what do they want from me?

Can I ease your mind a bit?

This is normal development for your kids!  Their brains are under construction and you are the brain builder! They do not really understand what drives their big emotions.

You are not a bad parent!  You have everything you need to help your child and be the parent who loved well just by changing a few simple things about your communication with them.

Eliminate the Guesswork!

Love everyday
interactions with 
your child!
Have Confidence about your child's development!
Know what your child needs most from you!


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Elizabeth P. New Jersey

My husband and I didn't realize how much our ineffective communication with our teens was impacting our relationship with them. Many times, we reacted abruptly from our own emotions. It was eye-opening to learn that we could handle situations in a completely different way. It was also helpful to learn from the other parents that we were not alone in our challenges to better connect with our teens. We learned tools that provided us with the ability to pause before reacting and to look at situations from both sides. My advice is to put these concepts to practice right away and with consistency, as this will become your new natural mode of action. Be prepared, we can and do slip back to old patterns, but at least now we know where and how to set the bar!

Jennifer N., North Carolina

I signed up for the Parenting with Intention class. The focus on calming me down before my child down, which has provided a more peaceful home. For now, when there may have been an escalation, I have learned to calm down, connect with my child so she can calm down and then we can have a discussion. After applying the new things I learned, I have figured out ways to defuse situations before they ignite - which avoids unproductive arguing and I'm focused on the message I want to teach her. This class was amazing as I lived in the downstairs brain and now I'm living in the upstairs brains and helping my daughter move to the upstairs brain with me. My daughter and I have had more connecting time now that I have benn applying these principles and the change in her and me are remarkable - and I think my husband has noticed a more harmonious home! Thank you Doreen! Take my word for it - you and your child notice a difference almost instanteously once you start applying the information you learn! Sign up NOW!

Elizabeth R, New Jersey

Parents need to Stop, Listen and Learn!
My husband and I signed up for Doreen's "parent teen workshop" and we were happy we did. Doreen gives practical teachings that are so needed in todays complex society. She encouraged us to work on controlling our own emotions during conflict before attempting to address our children's. It seems fundamental but so many times the discussions with our children escalate to screaming and emotional outbursts. We learned techniques to bring down the escalated emotions and instead begin productive communication where we can all learn and think constructively. More importantly, we learned great techniques on how to have healthy communication with our kids! sign will not be disappointed.

Meet Doreen

Doreen Steenland, ICF Certified Life Coach

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The Passion

I am passionate about helping you connect deeply with your child.


Hey, I know, parenting is a challenge!  I have gotten three off to college and live to tell the story!  LOL.  

Truly, although things can get challenging at times, I've learned that the better I manage my emotions, the easier it is to navigate.

Was it always easy?  


NO WAY!  Do I still mess up!  ALL THE TIME!  

The Experince

Now that all are off to college, they still connect with me when there are struggles, not looking for me to save the day, but to ask them questions and empower them to solve the problems they are facing. 


As a ICF Certified Professional Life Coach, I will equip you with the tools to empower your teen to manage their own emotions, solve problems and become more empathetic to those around them.  

The Platform

We all want to change, but change doesn't just happen with information only.  


It comes when we have been able to successfully apply what you have discovered in your personal life and parenting.  


Coaching helps with this!  In this virtual, Zoom based, group coaching model, you will learn from others, you will learn new material on your own, and in group time, you will make connections in your brain to make what you have learned stick!  Come join the community of empowering parents!

What's Included?

  • 6 modules of training to work on before meeting with the group

  • 9 hours of group coaching around what you have learned virtually on Zoom

  • Free Facebook group where you can discuss what you have learned with others

  • Access to me in the Private Facebook group

  • Discounted Rates on personal coaching