When Negative Thinking Changes

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience personal development spiritual development working moms Nov 10, 2021

👉Beth (name changed to protect confidentiality) had specific goals.  She knew exactly what she wanted to do, but something kept getting in her way of progress.

👉She would Overthink and the A.N.T.s would creep in.  These Automatic negative thoughts were habitual ways of thinking that she had built into her brain.  These thoughts were no longer helpful for her and they needed to be exterminated. (hahaha)

👉What did it look like?

👉-She did lots of things with and for other people that she thought she “should” do.  She would say “yes” to things because she didn’t want to disappoint others, not because she wanted to participate in the thing.  Then she’d feel resentful and trapped…..then she’d enter another ANT cycle of blaming.

👉-She’d blame others for expecting too much from her.  She’d blame them for taking advantage of her.  She’d blame others for not stepping up to the plate and make excuses about why she had to do it.

🔥- What she learned is how to stop this OVER/UNDER CYCLE of Automatic Negative thinking.  She learned how to nip it in the bud in real-time so that she could take responsibility for her actions and goals.

🔥-What she learned is that every time she says yes to someone else's agenda for her life, she is pushing her own goals aside and living a frustrated life.  She developed a toolbox for how to decide what to say yes to and what was not her business to get involved with.

🔥Here’s what she had to say, “In just a month, my thinking has become more positive and I am finally taking control of my life. She helps guide you through your decisions and makes you see things in yourself that you were not aware of before. Doreen gives you the tools to stay organized, build your confidence, and reach your goals.”

🔥If Beth can change her thinking, so can you……just message me and we can chat about your goals and your dreams!


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