UNDERmining your confidence

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience personal development spiritual development working moms Oct 30, 2021

🙌“UNDERmining” my confidence.


🙌I used to think that my feeling of confidence had to do with what other people thought and said about me. If they thought I was doing a great job, then I was doing a great job.  If they didn’t think I was doing a great job, well, then I was “incompetent” in my mind.


🙌I used to allow other people to have power over what I accomplished and how I accomplished it. I’d ask for opinions (lots of opinions), because I was afraid to make the wrong decision. This led me to confusion and a confused mind will not move. It says stuck, right where it is.


🙌Do you see where I’m going here?


🙌All of these things that I allowed to affect my confidence were all outside of myself.  They were all things that I could not control, should not control, would not control. 


🙌What I learned is that in order for me to walk confidently in my calling, I need to trust that I have all the answers I need inside of me.  I needed to trust that I knew myself and how I am wired better than some stranger knew me (because I’ve put in the time exploring what makes me tick!). 


🙌I needed to trust that my brain is creative and could figure out the ways to solve the problems in front of me. (I needed to remind myself of the evidence of times I worked through hard things)


🙌I needed to trust that I had a purpose in this world to accomplish certain things, all I needed to do was quiet my mind and sit with the One who knew all the answers, then walk in those ways.


🙌 I needed to see that value, know that value with certainty, and I had to offer that value to the world.  


🙌This was a process of letting go of what other people thought of me (which is another part of the “OVER/Under Cycle” Overvaluing what others thought and Understating my voice).  


🙌Letting go of the “Over/Under Cycle” and the various ways it was showing up in my life helped me move forward and create beautiful things.


PS:  If you are ready to dump the Over/Under Cycle in your life, reach out.


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