Changing Brains, One Thought At A Time!

The missing piece

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience personal development working moms Jan 27, 2022
🔥Have you ever missed something that was right in front of your eyes?
🔥We all have!
🔥Our family was gifted this puzzle! Since It arrived, my husband and two of my young adult peeps, have Intermittently working on putting all the pieces In place!
🔥For about three days, as I walked by the table, (let's just say, I don't participate In this fun! 😂)
🔥Every time I walked by, Richard was talking about this one piece that was missing. It was driving them crazy and keeping them from moving forward on the big picture!
🔥My compassion kicked In and I decided to pitch In with my new progressive lens...🙂
🔥So I immediately got on my knees, took out my phone flashlight, and began to search for the missing pieces. I wasn't looking In the same places he was...his brain was trying to solve the problem the same way it always does. His brain was just doing what brains do!
🔥Low and behold, I found the piece and two more too! He was so relieved that he can now move forward and continue working on the big picture!
🔥It reminded me of coaching! This Is what the coach does with the client.
🔥The coach comes In and gets curious, shining the light on different perspectives, places the client doesn't see and empowers them to step Into those pieces so they can move forward to the big picture of life.
🔥This Is an exciting experience for me as a coach to participate In the joy of discovery when the missing pieces (that were there the whole time) are found!
🔥What pieces are you searching for?