Changing Brains, One Thought At A Time!

Stop wearing Busyness as a Badge of Honor!

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience parenting personal development spiritual development working moms Feb 15, 2022
Do you know what I'm sick and tired of?

I'm sick and tired of watching women wearing their busyness as a badge of honor!

Yes, that's right! This Is a countercultural statement!
I am challenging you to rethink your relationship with this cultural "mandate".

Let me say this loud and clear, you are valuable to society, even when you rest!

Even when you decide to work out!

Even when you decide to take space to dream of your future!

Even when you decide to say NO to someone's request that doesn't fit your plan!

Even when you decide that perfect Is just a lie!

Even when you decide that overworking Is killing you!

Even when you decide that people-pleasing Is just a trap!

What all these things have In common Is a "DECISION"!

Yes, this is how I help women. I help them make good decisions for themselves so they can withstand the demands of the cultural mandates that are killing them.

Need help making better decisions? Reach out!