Stepping into my superpower!

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience parenting personal development spiritual development stop your addictions working moms Oct 16, 2021
Ever since I was young, I heard the phrase, “you’re too sensitive”. This label stuck with me for most of my life and my “sensitivity” was seen as a weakness.
🎒so I carried it with me on my journey through life!
🎒I was made to believe by society that sensitivity and any kind of emotion were wrong, (especially in the church)
🎒When my “sensitivity”showed up, I worked really hard to hide it. Sometimes, I could and sometimes, I couldn’t . When my sensitivity was revealed, it was followed with more, “oh, you’re just too sensitive”, amplifying the message in my head that something was wrong with me.
💥I hope you see where this is going because when you are told that YOUR GIFTS and STRENGTHS are wrong, it’s hard to live into them.
🎒So I did what every other American does, when I had an emotion that I didn’t know what to do with (without being criticized for feeling it), I chose numbing techniques.
🎒Now, numbing techniques come in all shapes and sizes! From OVER shopping, to OVER eating, to OVER drinking, to OVER scrolling, to OVER exercising, to OVER working, to OVER functioning in others lives (parenting, friends), to OVER…...YOU FILL IN THE BLANK.
🎒What I discovered was this theme that kept popping up for me was holding me back from living in my strengths and impacting the world in the way I was wired to impact it.
🎒What I discovered was that hiding and living in the “OVER” was creating cognitive dissonance in my brain (It refers to the mental conflict that occurs when a person’s behaviors and beliefs do not align.) creating a guilt/shame cycle.
🔍What I discovered was that emotions are indicator lights that beg me to pause and look deeper under the hood.
🔍What I discovered was that emotions are NOT WRONG, they are information, and I can process that information in more healthy ways than the “OVER/UNDER CYCLE”(my fancy name for one of the ways I help women).
🔍What I discovered is that my #1 strength on the Strengthsfinder Assessment is “EMPATHY”. IT'S A STRENGTH….IT’S MY SUPERPOWER!
🔍Finding new ways to see my “sensitivity” as my superpower and stepping into that superpower, has changed everything for me.
💥I hope this has been helpful for you. If you want to step into your superpower (which might be different from mine) and manage or break the “OVER/UNDER CYCLE”, reach out!
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