She was stuck

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience personal development working moms Oct 20, 2021
πŸͺShe was stuck in a negative thinking loop.
πŸͺShe wanted to be more present for her family.
πŸͺShe wanted to balance her home life and her work time.
πŸͺShe’d start by setting small goals, like eating more healthy, or not drinking during the weekdays, shutting down her devices after 5 pm, or exercising two days a week.
πŸͺThen it would happen. Five o’clock would come, she would get this urge that she had to keep working to be ready for the next day. She’d bargain with herself and say things like, “after this project is done….or I’ll start tomorrow”.
πŸͺShe found herself entering the “over/under cycle” again and again. The next day, she would berate herself for not being “strong enough” to stick with her plans and the guilt/shame cycle would begin.
πŸͺThis was Jamie’s life….sound familiar?
πŸ™ŒHere’s what she had to say after one month of working with me.
πŸ™Œ"In just a month, my thinking has become more positive and I am finally taking control of my life.
πŸ™ŒDoreen is honest, encouraging, and insightful. She helps guide you through your decisions and makes you see things in yourself that you were not aware of before. Doreen gives you the tools to stay organized, build your confidence, and reach your goals.
πŸ™ŒI've learned how to dig deep internally to create balance and influence others more effectively.“
πŸ™ŒAre you ready to manage the “OVER/UNDER CYCLE” in your life? DM me to find out more.
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