Shaken: Temporarily

Oct 18, 2021

The circumstance stunk, it was unchangeable, it was big and they were the cards that were dealt! 


Feelings of overwhelm threatened my body and mind with a flood of cortisol.   


The racing heart.  The racing mind.  The tightness in the chest.  The sick feeling in your stomach.  The inability to remove your shoulders from your ears.


It was a stress response and fear kicked in, the threat was real.  Grasping to control the circumstance that was out of my control was my initial instinct.


Intellectually, I knew that God was in control, but in my body and emotions were begging me to step in.


So I did what I always do (because that’s how our brains work….they always solve problems the same way…..ALL THE TIME….when left on autopilot), I entered the “OVER/UNDER CYCLE”.  


I began to OVER CONSUME just about everything……


I began to OVER SCROLL to escape my reality.


I began to UNDER perform in my work which was a nose dive for my confidence.


Ever been there?


I was shaken…..TEMPORARILY!


Then I realized the exact shifts that I needed to make to…..


-Regain my confidence


-Elevate my trust in God and His plans


-Manage my emotional tidal waves


-Become a “present” participant in my life instead of living in the monotonous  OVER/UNDER CYCLE.




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