Relationship Rules

leadership neuroscience parenting personal development working moms Oct 25, 2021
🔥I loved this graphic from Teach Through Love. It is true for all relationships, but especially for parents of teens, tweens, and twenty-somethings.
🔥Rules without relationship=Rebellion. I could not agree with this anymore. I’ve seen this in action with many parents who desire to use the iron fist with their teenagers. Needless to say, it doesn't fare well for the long-term relationship between the young adult and the parent. It leaves the kids bitter, angry, and looking to run as far as possible from these iron-fisted warriors.
🔥The same is true for relationships without rules which equals chaos. Your teens need guardrails. They need a safe place to land when they mess up or miss the mark. They need this stability in order to learn and grow. When we are without rules, there is chaos, instability and there will be much acting out from your young adult.
🔥When we focus on building a solid relationship with our teen/young adult with some guardrails in place, we are on the way to having respectful relationships and responsible young adults.
🔥Whenever we are having relationship issues and undesirable behavior from your young adults, it’s probably one of these imbalances that are keeping you from connecting with your young adult. It's a clue that something is off balance.
🔥What I love about this graphic is that it highlights one of the main focuses of my work, helping you connect and affect your young adults so that they can become responsible participants in society.
🔥This is just one way the Over/under cycle shows up in your household.
Reach out if it’s time for you to get direction on how to break this cycle or discover the dozens more over/under patterns that keep you stuck.
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