Recovering Control Freak!

leadership neuroscience parenting personal development working moms Sep 05, 2021

Control Freak!!!!!!

🙋‍♀️Yup, I admit, I have been know to fall into this category! I'm thankful to report that I am a recovering control freak!

The funny thing is that most people that are control freaks accuse others of being control freaks themselves!🤣

It makes sense because that's how our brains work. They project what we are thinking and feeling onto others, even if that perception is inaccurate! 🤓

So, what is a control freak and how can I know if I fit this category?

Tim Elmore states the following: "A simple definition for the term “control freak” is: “A person who feels an obsessive need to exercise control over themselves and others and to take command of any situation.”

"What are some common symptoms of this disposition? Look for these obvious indicators:

✔️ Always correcting people (even children) when they’re wrong.

✔️Inability to delegate tasks.

✔️Always want to have the last word.

✔️Difficulty in admitting you’re are wrong.

✔️Always judging and criticizing others.

✔️Poor at collaboration and teamwork.

✔️Consistent desire to change others." Tim Elmore 

Now that you have discovered that you may be falling into this category, what's the next step?

✔️The first step to changing is awareness. Now that you are aware, notice when this comes up for you.

✔️Keep a mental log of how many times you are relating to others in this way.

✔️Challenge your thinking! What is is the worst thing that can happen if I delegate a task to my teen and it is not done my way? What if you were able to let go of the fact that there is only one way to do something?

✔️Imagine what could happen in your relationship with your teen if you just gave them a bit of space to breathe?

✔️Remind yourself that the only thing we can truly control are our own thoughts and emotions about our circumstances. How are you managing your our thoughts and emotions?

What is one step you can take to let go of the micromanaging?

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