Quit Perfect!

mindset and goals neuroscience parenting spiritual development working moms Sep 05, 2021

I used to believe that if what I produced and what I did was not perfect, it meant I was not good enough. I worked hard to keep up the facade of perfection only to know the truth about myself. (which led me to feel like an imposter all the time).

The truth is: I’m not perfect. I will never be perfect. My work will never be perfectly completed. There is only one perfect one and I’m not it!

 I’m learning how to live in the rhythm of grace.

I’m learning how to manage my thoughts about why perfection was a thing in my life.

I’m learning how to be more kind to myself.

I’m learning how to quit perfectionism and all the symptoms that come with then need to be perfect (over-functioning in everything, trying to fix all the problems in the world, and trying to fill all the gaps that come across my path). We were not created to live like this!

I know I’m not alone because I talk to working moms every day who feel like they have to do everything right to excel at work and home.

As moms, we are chefs, project coordinators, personal shoppers, professional house cleaners, nurses, psychologists, teachers, financial controllers, conflict resolution experts, Chauffeurs, laundromat supervisors, activities director, monster slayers, referees, memory maker, chief fun engineer, just to name a few.

Then we go into the workforce and take all of those roles with us and try to perfect all the new roles on top of our pre-existing roles. What if it doesn’t have to be like this?

No wonder working moms feel drained and overworked!  

What if you could change your perspective, like I have, and become freed from needing to be perfect?

What if you have everything you need inside you to BE who the world needs without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

It’s possible for you to live without the need to be perfect all the time. Let’s get real and put aside perfection and BE enough! God has given you everything you need to BE who you need to be and that does not include PERFECT.

If you’re curious about quitting perfect and being enough, reach out and let’s chat!