Mother's Day Challenge

mindset and goals parenting personal development spiritual development working moms Sep 05, 2021

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! You are amazing! You are the rocks of your home, loving all the people and doing all the things.

Time after time, I see Moms sacrificing themselves for their families. Pushing aside their well-being and putting everyone in front of themselves. We use Mother's day as an excuse to finally give ourselves the care we need.

I get it and I've been guilty of this too, after all, we have given birth to these humans, we are fully vested in them. The funny thing is, when we aren't taking care of ourselves, it affects how we show up for our families.

You've heard the announcement on the airplane before and I'm sure you've heard it applied to life! (nothing new here, just the reminder!)

In the event of an emergency, the oxygen bags will drop from the upper console, please apply yours first before your family members.  

Why do they give us this information? They tell us this because they know if we don't have oxygen, we cannot help those around us with their oxygen. The same is true for our parenting. We need to care for ourselves so we can show up fully for our families. 

One area that we can all improve in is listening to our teens and loved ones. (I'm talking to myself here too) 

How do I know? Because it's the number one complaint of all teenagers everywhere!

"You don't listen to me!"

As Moms, we mean well. Our kids share something uncomfortable and we try to fix it or convince them that it's not the way they see it. Why? Because we are uncomfortable with the emotions and thoughts that are being presented and we just want them to go away.

We can do better, but only when we learn how to process our own thoughts and emotions, learn to normalize them, and transform them.

Often we struggle with something and we repress it or numb it (with eating, scrolling on social media, drinking, shopping, or your favorite numbing agent), when we do this, it's hard to show up for our teens with their big emotions effectively.

We need to begin with putting on our own oxygen masks first!

It begins in our own minds.
When we learn to process all of these things in ourselves, we can show up, filled up for our families. This deepens our connection with our teens and makes us a safe place for them to talk, share, explore, and be real in a very FAKE WORLD.

Moms, you are honored today, take time for your own needs today (because this is what this day is about).

The shift I'd like to you consider is this: what if every day was Mother's day, a day where you put on your own oxygen mask before your family's so that you can show up filled up for them?

It is not selfish to develop and grow yourself, it is an example for your family of lifelong growth and learning.

PS: I love helping Moms show us as their best selves