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Love Yourself....

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience parenting personal development spiritual development working moms Feb 09, 2022
Love: for most women, we have this one down, EXCEPT for when we need to love ourselves.

We are great at juggling ALL THE THINGS, but somehow, we drop the ball when it comes to our needs.

Heck, most super successful professional women that I talk with know exactly what to do in most situations, but when it comes to knowing what they need and giving It to themselves, they fall short.
It's not because they aren't smart or good at reorganizing things, it's because our society has never taught us that it's acceptable for women to have needs, let alone know what they are!
They know they are stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted, yet fear that if they ask for help, it makes them incapable or somehow needy.
Ladies, this must stop!
We need to start to understand our own needs so we don't have to fall back on the crutches we use to dull them! (overworking, overdrinking, overeating, over committing, over scrolling, to name a few!)
Before you tell me why you are too busy to love yourself, I'm going to challenge you on that! I'm going to challenge you to see how long you are going to be willing to put yourself aside and live with the buildup of stress that keeps you awake at night?
Can I say, you are not a special unicorn? Every woman I speak with says the same things, but few share them out loud!
What If I told you that it doesn't have to be that way? What If I told you that you can work on knowing what you need and getting It in the midst of your busyness?
It all starts from within yourself. It starts with your getting real and doing something about It. It all starts with taking action Instead of saying, "I'll do it when......x, y, and z happens.....
What If you could connect In a safe community of women just like you that no longer need to hide their needs, but who learn to meet them?
Think about what it would be like to have space to think and discover things about yourself, that you never would make time for on your own. Now Is the time! The wait is over, and the time is now to start your journey!
If you are a high-functioning professional woman juggling many balls, who have no time to think about herself, this is for you.
You need this space!
This Is the first step towards loving yourself!
In this space, you will get totally clear of where your stress Is coming from and how to manage It! You will learn how to love yourself and others well without sacrificing yourself on the alter!
I'm opening up a few free strategy sessions this week, let me know It you want one! In it, I will listen to you and your story and honestly let you know If I can help. DM me to get info.